Smart home systems allow you to make your apartment, house or office more efficient and energy-saving and, most importantly, safer from burglaries. USI’s vision is to help you implement such systems in your environment. Below are some bespiele of systems that can give you an overview, if you want to be a customer of ours.

  • Automated Lighting Control (Secure & Eco friendly) solutions & Vocal control solutions

Today, intelligent lighting control systems are very appreciated in modern apartments and residential buildings, as well as in commercial buildings. The reasons for this are the comfort, safety and energy savings that are achieved as a result. 

Such lighting control systems bring so many benefits to the user and also make life easier, which are described in some scenarios:

    • Scenario 1On your way home at night, your driveway and outdoor lights can already be illuminated by such automatic lighting systems.  This is possible because such systems have a built-in astronomical timer that knows when the sun rises or sets. Furthermore, allows security and outdoor lighting to be automatically controlled to turn on at sunset and turn off at sunrise.
    • Scenario 2: By deactivating the alarm upon arrival, depending on the programming, the “welcome home” scene can be activated, which turns on some rows of lights or all the necessary lights in the house. 
    • Scenario 3: In case of alarm activation, the “security scene” is triggered and, depending on the system, a message is sent to the homeowner. If the alarm is triggered at night, there is also the option to turn on the lights throughout the house to dissuade intruders and light up the area for the security company. 
    • Scenario 4: To save energy, lighting control can be integrated with motion sensors to trigger lights in bathrooms, locker rooms, pantries and passageways. After the passage, the lights are automatically dimmed down or turned off.
  • Surround sound home theater systems

    • To ensure a better atmosphere in the house, we offer various solutions of speaker systems that provide the best performance without affecting the decor of the room.
    • Since the traditional floor standing speakers cannot be placed anywhere in the house or take up a lot of space in the house, the home theater speakers embedded in the ceiling and subwoofers embedded in the wall provide a surround sound experience in areas, thus bypassing the disadvantages of the floor standing speakers.
    • The surround sound home theater systems we offer include discrete home theater ceiling speakers and small but powerful subwoofers, which increase the feeling of surround sound experience without large speakers crowding the room.
    • Today, intelligent lighting control systems are appreciated in modern apartments and residential buildings, as well as in commercial buildings. The reason for this is that they bring the comfort, safety and energy savings that are achieved as a result.
  •  Voice Control systems

You have the possibility to control all systems in the house with the help of your voice. Some scenarios are:

    • Scenario 1: Whether you’re at home or on the go, you’ll always know what’s going on
    • Scenario 2:
      • Hands-free voice control with an Amazon voice assistant like Alexa or Google.
      • Just say, “Alexa, play my favorite music on the patio” or “Hey Google! Turn on the news in the living room”
      • Or ” Alexa start the party!”
  • Interior lighting decoration systems

    • The light colors can be controlled either throughout the house (in the room, pool or garden) or in the entertainment areas (e.g. discotheques, bars) via color-changing LEDs. Thus, depending on the mood or different occasions (e.g. party), light scenes can be set in certain areas of the house or in the work area at the touch of a button. In addition, the smart LED systems can be used as candles or flash based on sound frequencies (disco mood).
    • Moods and scenes can be set to not only light up the evening, but also save electricity by dimming back the lights by 20% and extending the life of light bulbs, saving energy and money.
    • Through different scenes, the house can look inhabited even though no one is present, or the whole house can be put to sleep at the touch of a button, called “going away”.

    • Recessed Smart Lighting

      • Here the lighting is recessed in the ceiling and the fixtures are only partially visible. Recessed lighting usually required a false ceiling to enable the lights to be recessed.

    •     Concealed smart LED Lighting

      • Concealed lighting involves complete hiding of light fixtures and only the light and not the fixture is visible. Concealed lighting can be used to provide above mentioned ambient lighting.
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