• Many vehicle safety features are designed to assist upon collision like seat belts and air bags. But recent strides in technology have shifted the focus to preventing collisions before they happen by putting more control in the driver’s hands and ushering in a new era in vehicle safety. 
  • Reducing collisions by raising awareness increases road safety for everyone.
  • One of these new technologies Collision Avoidance systems including front/rea cameras and parking sensors. These systems help by detecting obstacles, pedestrians, other vehicles, and even bicyclists.

Uvumbuzi Systems International Limited (USI) supplies these systems and carries out the installation with our trained partners. This allows us to gain the trust of our customers and at the same time also provide a warranty on the purchased products.

1. Collision Avoidance Systems


  • As added safety features, front and rear-view cameras help prevent accidents, major damage, unintentional fatalities, and even reduce stress while driving.
  • Over half of the drivers using rear-view cameras avoided collision with the obstacle
  • These cameras allow you to see a wider field of vision than mirrors and add extra safety benefits. especially if you have children or neighborhood children in your area. We can integrate the system right into your factory LCD screen
Example of Front/rear Camera for collision avoidance


  • Using technology called Echo sounder, parking sensors work similar to sonar where a pulse tone warns you when you are too close to an object. 
  • The warning sound beeps faster the closer you are to an obstacle.
  •  The system utilizes up to six ultrasonic sensors located in the front and read bumpers. The sensors are small and they can be painted to match the vehicle’s body color so they are barely noticeable. 
  • Parking sensors are especially beneficial to those living in high population areas like big cities. Prevent unnecessary damage to your vehicle and property by having parking sensors installed today.
Example of parking sensors for collision avoidance

2. Magnetic GPS TRACKER

  • Used widely for vehicle and other moving objects (like motorrads, children or pets)  tracking.
  • Support mobile phone remote operation. Functions: recording, voice monitoring, GPS tracking, machine status, restart etc.
  • Supports GPS and LBS (Location Based Services) dual tracking system to improve location accuracy.
  • Easly mounting in cars due to the magnetic feature and can be hidden to avoid thieves finding out.

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